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We understand there may be a number of questions you might have before taking on some of services here at XPhysiotherapy Australia. Before you chose to seek our services, we have a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. We hope this will put your mind at ease before coming to XPhysiotherapy Australia.


However, if you have a question not found on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!! Call (07) 3335 5222 for more details.

"Do I need a referral for XPhysiotherapy?"


   Not at all. You do not need a referral for any of the services provided by XPhysiotherapy Australia.

"Where do I park?"


Parking is accessible from Sylvan Road. We have 60 FREE car parks on site in addition to Disabled parking bays located next to our lift.Click here for instructions.

"What is the cost for a consultation?"


Sue Kelley & Rebecca Tweedy - Initial & Standard consultions: $120.00 (30min).

Rod McLean & Erica Williams - Initial consultation: $180.00 (1hr), Standard consultations: $120.00 (30min).

Will Jordan & Tom Beirne - Initial consultation: $120 (1hr), Standard consultation: $90 (30min)
Amelia Robinson & Brigid Xavier - 60mins: $90, 30mins: $50

Shorter and longer appointments are available on request. Call (07) 3335 5222 for more details.

"How much will I get back from my private health fund?"


All health funds are different so we encourage you to check the rebate amount with your particular fund.  The item for an (Physio) Initial consultation is 500, the item for a Standard consultation is 505. 

"Is there an out of pocket fee if my treatment is covered by DVA?"


Not at all. As long as you have a D904 referral from your doctor, there will be no out of pocket fees incurred.

"...what if my treatment is covered by Workcover Queensland?"


We do require payment in full at the time of the appointment (fees as above).  However, you will be given an invoice and receipt to take to WorkCover to claim back on your consultations.

Patient Confidentiality


At XPhysiotherapy, we have a culture of respecting the dignity and privacy of the patients we care for. We are committed to the protection of a patient's information, only collecting, handling or disclosing information necessary for health purposes, or with patients' consent in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

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