Exos Upper Limb Fracture Bracing

The Exos upper limb bracing system is a unique alternative to plaster casting, which can be applied to a variety of fractures, sprains, ligament and soft tissue injuries.


Removable: Can be easily removed for washing / drying the skin and readjusted as swelling decreases


Waterproof: Allows patients, to remain active, continue with water activities and get on with their daily lives and hygiene routines.


Re-mouldable: Allows for reshaping as the arm changes shape or swelling decreases.


Lockable: An extra locking mechanism can be added so the brace is not removable and functions just like a plaster cast


Lightweight: Lighter than a plaster cast


Radiolucent: Enabling x-rays to be taken without removing the brace

Short Arm Fracture Brace

  • Distal Radius Fractures (non-displaced)

  • Distal Ulnar Fractures (non-displaced)

  • Wrist sprains

  • Ligament injuries

  • Post-Op management

Short Arm Fracture Brace

  • Distal Radius Fractures (non-displaced)

  • Distal Ulnar Fractures (non-displaced)

  • Wrist sprains

  • Ligament injuries

  • Post-Op management

Thumb Spica Fracture Brace

  • Scaphoid fracture

  • Carpal bone injuries

  • Thumb, CMC & MCP Joint Injuries

  • Radial or ulnar wrist strain

  • Post-Op management

Boxer’s Fracture Brace

  • 4th/5th Metacarpal fractures

Radial Gutter Fracture Brace

  • 2nd/3rd Metacarpal fractures

Short Thumb Spica

  • Sprains to the thumb

  • Injuries to Collateral Ligaments

  • Arthritis of the MCP Joint

Extended Short Thumb Spica

  • MCP/I-P Joint Arthritis

  • Severe thumb sprains

  • Collateral Ligament injuries

  • Pin Fixation

Wrist Brace

  • Wrist Ligament & soft tissue injuries

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • carpal bone injuries

  • Not suitable for acute fractures

CAM Walkers (Moon Boots)

Revolutionising the method and standard of foot-ankle fracture and soft-tissue injury management, CAM walkers immobilise your foot and ankle whilst allowing you to weight bear and remove for washing/showering and even sleeping.

Tall Air Walker:

Immobilises the foot and ankle. Air pockets allow for; increased immobilisation of the ankle, reduction in swelling and increases venous return, resulting in decreased healing time.


Indications Include


  • Severe ankle sprains

  • Stable fractures of the foot and ankle

  • Post-Op management of the foot and ankle

  • Soft tissue injuries of the foot and ankle

Short Air Walker:

Offers immobilisation of the foot. Air pockets in the short walker allow for; increased immobilisation of the foot, increased comfort and support.


Indications Include

  • Toe Fractures

  • Forefoot injuries

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Minor ankle sprains

  • Incomplete Fractures

Standard Walker:

Offers immobilisation of the foot and ankle. Offering quick and simple fitting, lightweight and at a competitive price


Indications Include;

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Stable fractures of the foot and ankle

  • Post-Op management of the foot and ankle

  • Soft tissue injuries of the foot and ankle

Achilles Raise:

To be used in conjunction with a CAM Walker. Decreases stress and strain on Achilles tendon.


Indications Include;

  • Achilles tendon injuries

  • Post Achilles tendon repair

Knee Bracing

OrthoCruciate Stability Brace

For stability post ligament injury or ligament reconstruction surgery e.g. ACL.

OA Web Knee Unloader

For Unicompartmental Mild Knee Arthritis (OA). Shorter, slimmer design offers support for those who want some pain relief without having the cost and size of a bigger knee brace.


Indications Include;

  • Mild Knee OA

  • Medial Compartment OA

  • Lateral Compartment OA

Elastic Hinged Knee Brace

  •  Mid knee support

  • For minor soft tissue injuries

Patella Tracking Knee Brace

  • Offers very positive, great amount of support to the patella

  • low profile design

  • Constant pull on the patella during flexion and extension


Indications Include;

  • Patella subluxation / dislocation

  • Patella tracking

Patella Strap

  • Applies pressure to the patella tendon to decrease pressure from being displaced to bony prominences

  • Lightweight, Low profile and easy to wear under clothing


Indications Include;

  • Osgood Schlatter

  • Patella Tendonitis

Medical Compression Stockings

Here at XPhysiotherapy, we stock medical grade, fully tested compression stockings. Unlike stockings purchased from a shop, our graduated compression hosiery is knitted to apply an every decreasing pressure from the ankle to the thigh. This encourages the return of blood to the heart and lymph to the lympnodes. Our wide range of sizes available means that we can provide the optimum fit for your needs.


Indications Include:

RAL Class 1

  • 18-21mmHg

  • Prevention or early treatment of


  • Venous disease

  • Palliative limbs 

RAL Class 2

  • 23-32mmHg

  • Mild to Moderate lymphatic conditions

  • Pronounced varicosis with oedema 

  • After healing of minor ulcers

Ligament Ankle Brace

For mild ligament instability. Supports inversion / eversion of the ankle. Removable plastic inserts and figure 8 strap for adjustable support. Low profile and lightweight,  fits into lace up shoes.


Indications Include;

  • Chronic ankle sprains

  • Instability of the ankle

Tennis Elbow Brace

Specially designed for Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow. This elbow brace is lightweight, low profile, easy to wear and use.


Indications Include;

  • Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

  • Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow)

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