What are Boots & Braces

Boots & Braces are externally applied devices that are designed and fitted to the body to achieve one or more of the following goals:

  • Protect and support an injury

  • Immobilise a fracture / broken bone

  • Assist in rehabilitation

  • Reduce pain

  • Control biomechanical alignment

  • Increase mobility

  • Increase independence

What do we do ?

Assess:      Your treating doctor (or health care professional) will refer* you to us for an assessment.

                    We will assess for appropriate braces using a combination of clinical techniques.

Prescribe: We take the time to discuss various bracing options, what brace(s) would be best suited to you   

                    and why 

Fit:              We custom fit all of our braces and teach you about the brace including correct procedure to

                    take the brace on and off           

Adjust:       All of our reviews are included in the cost of our braces. Some braces will need to be reviewed

                    periodically and others will only need reviewing if you have a question or issue with the brace.


  If you have any questions or issues with your brace please contact us ASAP!


* Not everyone requires a referral to see us. If you do not have a referral and are interested in making an appointment please contact us to see if you need one.

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