Exos Upper Limb Fracture Bracing

The Exos upper limb bracing system is a unique alternative to plaster casting, which can be applied to a variety of fractures, sprains, ligament and soft tissue injuries.

  • Removable: Can be easily removed for washing / drying the skin and readjusted as swelling decreases
  • Waterproof: Allows patients, to remain active, continue with water activities and get on with their daily lives and hygiene routines.
  • Re-mouldable: Allows for reshaping as the arm changes shape or swelling decreases.
  • Lockable: An extra locking mechanism can be added so the brace is not removable and functions just like a plaster cast
  • Lightweight: Lighter than a plaster cast
  • Radiolucent: Enabling x-rays to be taken without removing the brace

CAM Walkers (Moon Boots)

Revolutionising the method and standard of foot-ankle fracture and soft-tissue injury management, CAM walkers immobilise your foot and ankle whilst allowing you to weight bear and remove for washing/showering and even sleeping.

Knee Bracing